REALITY TUNNELS (IC005) - C44 (Cassette)

For this edition of the Idle Chatter artist-curated series, we invited NYC-based artist Muyassar Kurdi to choose the composer and performances of her liking, with the condition that she also include some of her own work. 

Muyassar Kurdi (b. 1989 in Chicago) is a New York City-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work encompasses sound art, extended vocal technique, performance art, movement, photography, and film. She has toured extensively in the U.S. and throughout Europe. 

A versatile improviser, Kurdi has composed and performed music for voice, harmonium, piano, lyre, autoharp, theremin, bass, and cello. She currently focuses her attention to interweaving homemade electronic instruments and sculpture into her vocal and dance performances, stirring a plethora of emotions from her audience members through vicious noise, ritualistic chants, and meditative movements. Recent works include: SEVEN VOICES, a multi-channel project for seven voices, which was recorded during her artist residency at EMS in Stockholm February 2018. A cassette release entitled Travelling on No Rent Records and Intersections and Variations, a collaborative work released on Astral Spirits in early 2018. 

For REALITY TUNNELS, Kurdi put together a 44-minute compilation featuring a diverse group of contemporary experimental composers from around the world, including: Esmeralda Conde Ruiz (UK), Sukitoa o Namau (Morocco), Meira Asher (Israel), Sharon Gal (UK), Lucie Vitkova (Czech Republic), Nima Ikki (Mexico), Diana Policarpo (Portugal) Yasunao Miyauchi (Japan), Ellie Gregory (UK), Anastasia Clarke, Ka Baird and Muyassar Kurdi (USA). As enthralling as it is challenging, this compilation demands a deep listening experience while serving as a guide to some of the most interesting experimental works being created around the world. 


Release Date: March 25, 2019 


Limited Edition of 100 copies on pro-dubbed cassette. Download code included. Also available digitally here

Curated by Muyassar Kurdi 
Cover Art: 35mm film photo by Muyassar Kurdi 
Layout/Design: by Joao M. Da Silva 

REALITY TUNNELS - Curated by Muyassar Kurdi C-44 (IC005)

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