Luciernaga is the experimental ambient music project of Chilean-Brazilian by way of Brooklyn artist Joao Da Silva. A former hardcore punk front man, guitar player, and zine editor who took an active role in Santiago, Chile's hardcore-punk scene during the early 90's (there's even a full-length documentary about it!). Joao turned to "droning guitar electronics that can vacillate significantly between dark terrors and bright, shimmering expanses of sound" ( after moving to NYC in 2008. He has since released a series of limited edition cassettes and CD-R's on various labels in the U.S. and abroad. Luciernaga’s music was recently featured in “Circle In The Rock” a short-film directed by Ellis Bahl and starring Brandon Sexton III. 

"Sleeping/Wandering" is Luciernaga’s vinyl debut. This limited edition 7"EP contains extended and alternate versions of the tracks "Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl", from the recent"To The Centre..." limited edition cassette released by UK label Invisible City and "Wandering June", from the self-released and now sold out "Tile II" limited edition cassette.

The alternate version of “Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl” showcases Da Silva’s penchant for constructing beautifully expansive work from a core of shimmering drones and occasionally dissonant passages. Gorgeous music stretches out above a hypnotic loop as he carefully layers delicate, crystalline feedback-like sounds atop. The result is a song that glistens away in a beautiful slumber befitting its dream-like title. On the flip side’s extended “Wandering June”, Da Silva again builds from a foundation of gentle, but not necessarily delicate loops of sound, to which he adds a heavier, bowed string like drones and hints of feedback. This almost meditative loop evolves with time, and with him processing the sound at times into what could be a jaunty whistle, there is a whimsical subtext to his overall serious composition.

Luciernaga - Sleeping/Wandering 7"

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  • The 7" comes in a hand-numbered edition of 100 copies on transparent vinyl with letter-pressed covers. There are four different variants of the album cover using a different photograph. Includes free mp3 download of Sleeping/Wandering 7" EP + extras.

    PLAY AT 33 1/3 RPM